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Amazon and Target launch advance holiday shopping offers

The online retail giant issued a massive press release Monday in an attempt to get people to buy deals early, well ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Early Monday, the mega online retailer Amazon released a long list of promotions for everything from toys to housewares and electronics, pushing their “Black Friday-Worthy Deals” well ahead of the traditional holiday shopping season.

In late September, popular retailer Target also kicked off the holiday shopping trend with the announcement of its “Deal Days,” which will begin in the first half of October. It’s part of a recent model for retailers, which aims to try and generate business early, weeks before the usual holiday shopping rush shoppers have become accustomed to in recent years.

While, by Monday Press release from Amazon, it was not immediately clear to what extent a larger discount for many items is offered on the Amazon website, a few new features in the way you order items were announced.

This year, according to Amazon, it makes shopping even easier with the ability to send gifts through its mobile app just using an email or phone number, without needing to know the recipient’s address.

Amazon featured a long list of items and gift ideas in the promotion, including storage ideas and a large list of holiday toys from brands like LEGO and Mattel. Again, while it was not clear how some items are priced even higher compared to the previous item prices on the Amazon site, many appear to be slightly lower than others. retailers. And if you shop a lot, factoring in the cost of an Amazon Prime membership for free shipping, it could deliver an even bigger discount while saving time.

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For example, in the holiday toy list, in the ages Section 6-8 years for children’s toys, the “Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad“sells on the site for $ 91.04, with” free shipping “for those paying for a Prime membership. That, as the site says, is a discount of about $ 8.95 from other places online like Target or the Osmo website. So while prices mostly appear lower, it was not clear how many items from the plethora Amazon listed on Monday, are even further discounted for. match the significant discounts often seen in a traditional Black Friday shopping season.

Amazon has a special section of the site for what the company calls its “Epic Deals, “with each item reduced to a higher percentage depending on the retailer (sometimes up to 51% off.) These items have a timer next to them to entice shoppers to rush out and make a purchase before they finish. of the allotted time.

In September, Target announced its “Deal Days” promotion for first holiday purchases, which was scheduled to run from October 10 through December 24. Target says it will honor price adjustments for any purchase made with the retailer if the price is lowered during shopping season.

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